Thursday, December 15, 2011

December sudah tiba...where shud I go for vacation?

Happy holiday guys !

I'm so sorry sebab dah bersawang blog nie...almaklumla I'm quite bz with work lately.
Sure korang tengah happy2 enjoy holiday kan...ada yang syok layan snow kat Europe, snorkling, bungge jumping, skiing...etc lah ...but  for me, I have to work until end of the more holiday coz cuti dah nak hilangkan rindu on Vacation...lets review some of the best photos that I took during the vacation.

Owh ya, now i'm more into photography. It's my new hobby. So layan lah photos yang sempat I capture during my last vacation...Enjoys !

me @ Innsbruck, Austria   * memang best kat sini

Old timers playing Petanque @ Rhine River, Germany

St Goar, I naik River Cruise. Ada banyak castle lama kat tepi sungai nie.

Ni kat Cologne, Germany...weols on the way to HRC...lepaking.

Miss this place...I'm going again next year...yeay !

Belgium-The Atomium..famous with Belgium Chocs also !

Musee de Lourve,Paris ...Most Romantic City

Top of Mt Titlis, Swiss...Enjoy playing snow..yeay !

Venice, Italy...what a beautiful city..famous for its Gondola & architecture.

Cukuplah dulu buat masa nie...I dah nak travel nie..working outstation...huwaaa...btw if u nak exchange FM dengan I, no problem...just message me okay .

If you like this blog, dont shy2 to be a follower ok...I'll follow u back. Till then.

Cheer !

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update Euro Trip

Paris-German-Italy-Belgium-Autria-Swiss | July2011

Selamat Hari Raya buat geng travel yang masih sudi membaca blog nie...

Ingat lagi janji I nak update Euro trip punya entry kan...

so kalu nak baca experiences I menjelajah Europe lebih lanjut sila klik kat sini...Euro Trip July 2011

Cheer !

Monday, August 1, 2011

Salam 1 Ramadhan

August 2011

Salam. Agak2 dah berhabuk jugak blog nie tak update. Yelah, takde entri terbaru nak disharekan sebelum ini.
Tapi, FYI , I just cameback from Europe Tour. So nantikan entri yang pasti meng'enjoykan anda tentang Paris, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Austria & Belgium. 

Musee De Lourve, Paris

Selamat berpuasa buat mereka yang berpuasa ...hehehe.

Check it out yo ! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A short trip to Khartoum City

Sudan | Mac 2011

This entry contains a lot of photos taken in Sudan & enjoice !

FYI, Sudan terletak di benua Afrika ( sila lihat arrow diatas). Sebelah negara Euthopia.

Fly with Qatar Airways A 330....My journey took about 11 hours from KL - Khatoum, Sudan.

Stewardess on duty, not as good as MAS stewardess.

Meals onboard...midnight supper.

Tadaa...yummy...spaghetti with salmon...

after 8 hours flight, landing time...I saw padang pasirrr...but this is Doha Airport, Qatar

MotoGP promo at Doha International Airport.

Shopping for souvenirs...

Rossi fever...MotoGp

Airport view...

My connecting flight to Khartoum...

Bye2 Doha...Man made Island...very2 exclusive & expensive.

Meal time again...

Time change zone...MashAllah.

Arrived in accomodation...

1 Sudanese Pound = almost 1 RM 

Fresh dry Dates...from land of Khartoum

New hotel & bussiness centre in of Khartoum

My place...Regency Hotel

Jallabiah (Jubah) shop...good quality with good bargain price.

Roadside Chai stall...

Chai (tea) time...slurrppp...only 1 pound

Stop by at Lipton shop...chillax with a small glass of Chai.

This is their Utusan Sudan...hehehe

"Nile river" view from bridge....

Donkey is everywhere...

Local traders...

The hanging jar is free for wudu'

Sudanese handicraft...colorful


One of the restaurant selling Kharouf (goat) grill.

During peak hour...very busy road.

Many Korean brand cars on the road such as Hyundai & Kia.

My workplace in Khartoum...nice building.

One of the oldest mosque in Sudan.

hmm...waiting for my lunch to be prepared...30 min to go...haih

Another new building, cool design.

Taxi stand.

Regency in house restaurant.

Meal of the day...Mexican Fajitas..yummy!

Nice & cozy environment...

Sudanese mini bus.

This is their book shop, located in front of Khartoum University.

Overview in the evening

So what do you think about Sudan...feel free to comment okay !

Cheers !

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