Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swiss - Engelberg

FlashBack : Trip to Swiss 2011

For the first time in my life, i'm going to enjoy real snow in Switzerland. :-) The trip to Engelberg & Mt Titlis was fantastic. The Mt Titlis was located at Alps. The height is about 3238 meter (which is lower than Kinabalu).We ride cable cars from base to the top of the mountain and the journey took about one hour.

Let see what wiki says :
The Titlis (3,238 m) is a mountain in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. It is located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Berne in Switzerland, overlooking Engelberg (Obwalden) and is famous as the site of the world's first revolving cable car. The cable car system connects Engelberg to the summit of Klein Titlis (3,028 m) through the three stages of Gerschnialp (1,262 m), Trübsee (1,796 m) and Stand (2,428 m).

I love, food, scenery, people & snowy mountain.

But remember guys, Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world. So, bring your cash a lot so that you can buy something exclusive from Swiss such as Rolex-Tissot-TAG watches, Swiss knifes etc. Hehehe.

In Swiss, their currency is CHF : Swiss France. The average temperature is around 10-11 deg C. So please bring your inner & sweater/jacket okay. :-)

That's all for time being. Hope you guys enjoy the photos. More photos coming soon !

Cheers !


  1. Salam...

    Nak tanya. selalu travel ambik agency atau cik pergi sendiri?

    THANKS :)

  2. Hi,
    Slalu amik local travel agent...terutama student yg buat part time kat sana....senang nak deal dgn diorang nie...


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