Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seoul : K-pop city !

Korea :  Seoul  - Part 1

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo “안녕하세요. ”  !

Ok guys, dah masuk October baru I nak update blog nie...Sorry for my laziness. Hehehe...

Just for your info, I baru join multinational company which is base in Sarawak. Busy with new workload & new environment. But still have time for Holiday & Travelling...:)

For those yang tersinggah or follow my blog, this update just for you...Enjoys !

Gangnam Style ! yeahhh ....(oppsss...Fyi, that is the Gangnam City)

This year 2012, me & wife decided to visit SOUTH KOREA or especially Seoul. 

Seoul | April 2012

Okay let see what wiki says : "Seoul is in the northwest of South Korea. Seoul proper comprises 605.25 kmwith a radius of approximately 15 km, roughly bisected into northern and southern halves by the Han River ". Thank you Wiki. :P

Bunga2 di Seoul ni baru nak bloom...

During this trip, we planned to see "Sakura" since April suppose to be the Sakura month. But unfortunately, we arrived earlier according to our tour guide. Melepaslah nak tengok Sakura. huhuhu.

Good Morning Seoul...always busy

Arts : Masks also popular here...

Miniature of Korean Traditional souvenir 

Korean traditional dress called : Hanbok

Lunch at Seoul : Local meals...sotong sambal with ikan bakar...nyum3...

One of famous dishes : Ikan bakar (Halal)

Tadaaa....The famous "Kimchi"

 Nice weather around 12 degC ... Memang syiokkk !

Orait, more photos coming on Part 2 of my journey to Seoul the K-pop City...:) 

Till then Cheers !



  1. Salam.
    Gambar sangat cantik!
    Seoul mmg best, mampu mendatangkan kesan yg mendalam .:)

  2. Salam janggel,

    Gambar biasa2 jer...baru berjinak2 dlm dslr... Hehe...
    Yup, agree Seoul mmg best...rasa mcm nk pi lagi...:)

  3. best2..bile la nk smp koreaa huhu


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